Maybe, just maybe, we can use this post for the final count down to the PARTEE/FUND RAISER. While in SP, we were able to open the bank account at Alliance Bank with money donated by local businesses, Fido's $750.00bz, Banana Beach $500.00bz, B.C.s $500.00bz, Casa Picasso $500.00bz, Isla Bonita Designs $400.00bz, Jerry McDermott $500.00bz. A huge THANK YOU from the SPSC. Additionally, we received more prizes to be auctioned/raffled at the Partee. These items will be posted on our web site this weekend and they are "DYN-O-MITE" ! I will post more about things on the island after I have my coffee (guess I'm still on island time).


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