A rabbi and a priest are involved in a bad car crash. Their vehicles are totally demolished but both clergymen are uninjured. After they crawl out of their wrecked cars, the rabbi sees the priest’s collar. ‘So,’ says the rabbi, ‘you’re a priest. I am a rabbi. Just look at our cars. Both are completely demolished and you and I stand here unscathed. God must have intended for us to meet and become great friends and live together in peace for the rest of our days.’ ‘I agree with you totally,’ says the priest. ‘This must be a sign from God. You will be my closest friend for as long as we both may live.’
‘Look at this,’ the rabbi continues. ‘Here is another miracle already. Look here in the back, a bottle of Mogen David wine, unbroken. Surely God wants us to seal our friendship with a drink.’ With this, he pops the cork, and hands the bottle to the priest, who takes several swigs and passes it back to the rabbi. But he just hands it back to the priest.
‘Aren’t you having any?’ the priest asks. ‘No,’ the rabbi replies. ‘I think I’ll just wait for the police.’