I disagree.

"I get quite a bit of my medical work done in Belize and have been satisfied with the care. I guess I would agree with the policy protecting the Belize doctors from others"

Warren, that statement is contradictory. If you are satisfied then you would not change to a US doctor would you? If you are satisfied then others are as well and would not change to a US doctor just because he/she are from the US. Then the Belize doctors don't need government "protection" from a US invasion.

Why "protect" the Belize doctors only? Why not extend that same "protection" to utility companies, realtors, dive shop owners, hotel owners, ect.,ect.?

A free market creates opportunties and services, it doesn't limit them.

"I certainly do not see a lack of doctors on AC."

If you were a pregnant woman on AC who was bleeding to death from a placental abruption and needed a C/S delivery to save your life or that of your unborn child then I think you would see a lack of doctors and or services in a hurry.

If you fall and pucture your abdomen on a stick or something and need urgent surgery to save your life I think you will see a need for more doctors and or more services on AC.

These statements are NOT anti-Belize doctors which according to you do a good job. I have not needed them so I have no personal knowledge of their skills. This is simply a statement of the lack of some very important services on the island, some of which I personally would like to be able to provide and be some what compensated for.

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