I think the policy of not allowing foreign doctors practice in Belize is a poor one. Doctors aren't going to flood into the country and raise the medical costs, unless they get into a deal like the Universal scam, but that is an entire other thread for another day.
I am basing my opinion as a firefighter/EMT here in the states, that visits the island very often and has implimented a very good emergency response plan for my yearly skydive event.
I work very closely with Dr. Daniel at Ambergris Hope Medical Clinic. I donate supplies to them each year that I haul down on the jump plane. They struggle to keep up with the work. The island is bursting with children. One more pediatrician/OB/GYN doc on the island would be a good thing.
Island Ferry under Sterling and Cullen's direction have implimented an emergency response team. A good start, and I have donated to their cause also and will help out in any way possible.
During the skydive event we have our own doctors, nurses and paramedics with us. We have helped treat 3 heart attacks by other tourists in 4 years. The emergency medicine on the island needs to be brought up to a much higher standard. You can't just rely on the BATSUB helicopter or a local flight to save you. I have spoken with the Mayoress, The Minister of Tourism and the local response team about improving emergency medicine on the island. I would not want to be up at Belize Legacy Resort and have a serious medical issue.
RB(Lovey and Thurston), Algae, I respect your opinions, but I think it is time to let a hard working doctor from the US come down and help out. No one cares when Mark Johnson's dental group comes down for a week of dental care. And relaxing the rules a bit would only improve the quality of island living for EVERYONE.

(rant over, I'm still upset the Pens lost to the Wings last night)