Let's look at this "protectionism" from another angle.

Let's say I make mud pies and I want to start a mud pie company in Belize. If I'm allowed to start my mud pie company then I will need employees. Who will I employ? I will need a mud pie factory. Who will build it? I will need mud pie transporters? Who will deliver my pies? I will pay taxes. Who will I pay my taxes to?

Answer to all of the above.....the Belizean people!

How can this not benefit both me the mud pie maker and the Belzean economy in general?

Some may say, "but no one will buy your mud pies". Again, how can this adversely affect the county of Belize? If I fail then I alone bare the finacial hardship of my failure not the Belizean government.

KB you live in Canada who are you to tell anyone to "stay home"?
And what's your problem with America? You guys rely on the US to protect you from invasion.

Future full time Belizeans
Tommy & Sonia Blackledge
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