Well I think thatís about all the misinformation I can handle for now. I have refrained from posting to this board because, as a business owner, my "opinions" may be interpreted as advertising.

This board is intended as a free exchange of ideas and opinions. Unfortunately many users have a personal agenda, or, even worse, have completely uninformed opinions to offer. If someone has a legitimate complaint against us then by all means voice your opinion.

Alcmaeon has a legitimate beef in that the boat was not running properly. Boats break down. This isnít an excuse, itís simply a fact. Iím sure Dawn will agree with that after what sheís been through with her boat. What isnít mentioned is that the trip was during the busiest week of the year when people were clamoring for trips, and we were able to provide one. If alcmaeon was less than satisfied then we apologize, but I donít recall it ever being mentioned to me personally.

Seashell offers an "opinion" based on second hand information. Would you buy stock based on information like this? If you would, please send me $20 right away.

Denverdan, have we met? Have you ever dived with us? To suggest that someone cancel based on the posts to this thread is irresponsible to the extreme! Yes, everyone has the right to dive with whomever they choose, and to request any information they require, but you do the readers of this board a great disservice to suggest that your "opinion" is based any kind of factual basis or experience.

And while Iím at it, jkdiver, enough with the Barefoot commercials already. If you want to advertise buy a sign! If weíre such poor company then why did Barefoot drop off a new price list last week? Could it be they want us to contract to them?

NewBelgeezer, Iím a little taken aback by the tone of your post. When we corresponded, were your emails answered promptly and honestly? Was the package offered at a reasonable price? Have you looked elsewhere for opinions about us? I would refer you to current independent reviews in Lonely Planet, Rough Guide or Footprints. All give us high marks for quality service and honest advice. If you have specific questions about safety, boats, dive masters, or emergency equipment onboard Iíd be happy to answer you personally.

The fact is this; Blue Hole Dive Center has been in operation for over 10 years and my wife and I have been the owners for the past 2 years. We provide diving and tour services to thousands of divers yearly. Anyone who thinks Iím exaggerating can come and see my customer record sheets. If we serve thousands yearly, and if the posts on this thread are the worst people have to say about us, well, quite frankly, that ainít bad! We work hard to satisfy our customers by offering a good, safe service, reasonable prices and MAXIMUM flexibility.

Yes we contract diving and charter boats for our guests. We use only reliable, licensed guides who we personally know and dive with. This means you can get the trip when you want it, not when the operator wants you to go.

Do we satisfy 100% of the people who visit us? No. If your business does then please share your secret. However, 99% of our guests shake my hand when they leave. Not bad when you consider the vast number of different expectations that walk through our door every year. Throw in weather and you can begin to appreciate how we offer our guests a flexibility that other operators canít.

NewBelgeezer, since you ask, Iíve been diving for nearly 20 years. Iím military trained, Iím a NAUI instructor( trained by military and RCMP instructors), Iím trained as a Public Safety Diver, Iíve taught diving and run a charter operation in Canada, I was a commercial diver (hardhat surface supplied stuff, under the ice), and Iíve produced underwater documentaries for TV and been involved with a number of underwater archaeology projects around the world. The reason I didnít respond to this thread yesterday was because I was actually out diving with a large group of guests from Mexico. Repeat visitors who plan to return in two weeks. Theyíre not coming back because Iím witty and charming. Theyíre coming back because we are a safe, experienced operation that offers a great experience at fair market value. Tomorrow Iím diving again to teach a photo course. How many owners actually go diving regularly?

Well, thatís it. Have at me then. Iíve stated our position for the record and I donít plan to post again. As I stated at the beginning of my little rant, this board is for opinions and I donít want my opinions confused with thinly veiled advertisements or mudslinging. We donít have to fish for compliments or trash our competition to feel good about ourselves. Weíre too busy taking care of our many customers.

If anyone has specific questions my name is Kent Gardner and my email is [email protected], or you can reach my through our web site at www.bluedive.com.

Here endith the lesson.