Trina, good for you. No doubt a wise practice and awfully good of you to point that out.

That said, a few things should be noted. I dove with those people all week on the same boats with the same operator that actually owned the boats. We also socialized together and shared all matter of opinions on this and that. Their dives were booked through the Blue Hole Dive Center and I was booked with and diving with Amigos. They enjoyed their dives as much as I enjoyed mine. That is not in contention.

Reread the original poster's question and see if it wasn't answered as written. The poster did not ask for only those with first-hand *positive* experiences to respond.

None of the initial responses were malicious either.

The point is that if someone asks about Blue Hole Divers, you don't have to have booked with them to be able to tell that someone that Blue Hole contracts out and that they are a middleman. Apparently, my big mistake was in relating what my friends had said to me about not using them again. OK, fair enough. Mea culpa.

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