Hi seashell;

The reason I mentioned the bit about boats being always tied to the dock....the good boats/crews don't stay tied up...they're always busy. They're the one's I always used at BHDC and I know Kent has followed the same pattern.

And let's put this into perspective. I am concerened that some of the replies on this thread were made by the same entity using different "names" to log in. Not you, of course, you have 503 posts to your name on this board, you're certainly entitled to your opinions, many of which I've agreed with.

But, some of the posts on this particular thread look suspicious to me, especially the timing. I believe some of the posts were placed there by a competitor....whose boats are always tied to the dock. I think that Kent was certainly entitled to say what he said based on the sum of the posts.

seashell, you're good people. I understand why you said what you said, but just wanted to try to clear things up.