I know kids can be picky eaters but they can also surprise you. Why have here what you can have at home – burgers and pizza? Beef and cheese are imported and costly. Get the kids to try tacos, salbutes, stew chicken with rice and beans and give them an ice cream treat if they do. A good option here are the soups.
If the kids like Kentucky Fried there are a lot of fast food places mostly run by the Chinese. Fried chicken with French fries is either $6 or $7 Belize.
Ali Babba's has whole rotisserie chicken for $17. Really good!
When I look at a menu when at a new place I have learned to read the fine print – at the bottom. If is says US dollars I leave!!! That is a rip off!
You may want to fix breakfast and lunch in your place and go out for dinner. You’ve had some good suggestions. For beef burgers go to Wet Willy’s. DO NOT order a ham burger – that is ham between to burger buns! LOL
I also like the Sunset Grill – go in time to watch the sunset and help feed the tarpon.

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