I had an early dinner at the Sunset Grill tonight. I joked with Kevin (the owner) that I knew about valet parking but valet walking was new to me! Do to the construction that obscures the restaurant he has a young man (dress as a waiter) at the street to assist people through the ruble and across the gang plank.

He has built a special pier on the sunset side of the dock out over the water and provides sardines for people to feed the tarpon. OK hes prepared for the uproar.

Dinner was simple and delicious; bowl of lobster soup with tortilla chips and crispy coconut shrimp (from the appetizer menu) served with a wonderful papaya chutney. I usually dont care for sliced papaya but this was cubed and dressed with a wonderful lime sauce. Kevin sat a visited with me while I ate and was impressed that I ate the chutney. He and the chef feel badly that most people treat it like parsley and leave it on the plate.

He insisted on sending a desert home with me so I choose the key lime pie. I just ate it with my decaf coffee and it was yummy.

In spite of the construction mess he said business has been good.

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