Tropical Disturbance In Southwest Caribbean Now Invest 93-L:

The tropical disturbance in the southwestern Caribbean has been designated Invest 93-L by the National Hurricane Center. Satellite imagery this morning continues to show some increase in thunderstorm intensity associated with this system and development into a tropical depression or a tropical storm is a distinct possibility before it tracks into Belize late Monday. Should it not become a tropical cyclone before moving into Belize, I think it stands a better shot of becoming a tropical storm when its in the Bay of Campeche from Wednesday to Friday.

It should be noted that a reconnaissance flight is scheduled to investigate this system tomorrow afternoon to see if it has become a tropical cyclone; so, stay tuned.

As I mentioned earlier this morning, Invest 93-L is expected to bring heavy rainfall with possible flash flooding and mudslides to Belize and northern Honduras starting later today and continuing through Monday. Heavy rain with flash flooding and mudslides is then likely across central and southern Mexico starting in southern Mexico on Tuesday and spreading into central Mexico by Wednesday and Thursday.

Invest 93-L Information: