OK, I slept on this. Even laid in bed and counted to ten before getting up. But, you are still going to get my thoughts without the sugar coating.

If people have opinions about others or other countries, there is nothing wrong with expressing those opinions. I will qualify with the covenant that those opinions should not be offered solely with the intent of degrading, belittling or to be purposely offensive. If those opinions are given and based on what is factual or believed to be factual, then they are being offered in a sincere manner. Just because comments might point out negative aspects is not a reason for those being commented on to attempt the flawed argument that those commenting have no right to because they either have problems of their own, are trying to run the country, or were not born in the country in question. It serves no good purpose to attempt to silence those comments by trying to make those commenting feel guilty, or attempt to change the subject by focusing on the faults of those commenting or attempting to assign false intentions to those commenting, as opposed to debating the issues in hopes of finding solutions.

Now as to Belize and the issues of Cruise Ships and the possible damage to the other tourist industry in Belize, the potential for further corruption with the establishment of this new venture, the enrichment of the select few at the expense of others (the port authority used to be owned by the people of Belize until it was transfered to private individuals just prior to this deal), the past corruption, the past and currently documented drug activity (and donít give me that crap about supply and demand, the vultures and dredges of society that profit on otherís addictions are at the bottom of the totem pole of human decency and should be an embarrassment to any county they come from, Columbia, Belize, the US, or any other country) are all issue that will have severe consequences for, not only the Belize people but, those of us who live in that society and those who enjoy visiting. We all have the right, if not even the obligation, to contribute to that society. That contributing not only involves us paying our taxes, voting if we can and spending our money, but also contributing by offering our heart felt opinions to the debate.

So for those of you who like and care about Belize, I want to hear your voice. For those of you embarrassed about your countries short comings, you would do more of a service to your country by recognizing the problems and participating in finding solutions with all those willing to help as opposed to telling people just to keep their nose out of your business. If someone is ill and wants to get well, sometimes they need to take the medicine that does not taste good along with the medicine that has the sugar coating.