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15th Anniversary of, May 10, 2011.
Below are some links to the original website.... front page, 1996
    All links work and stay on the old original site. front page, 1998
    You can see how the page has changed a little, and the list of businesses in the drop down menu is much longer.
BUT! The links either jump to the current version of the linked to page, or do not work at all.

Old Message board
Here's a list of messages from between 1996 and 1999, as in Dec of 1996 there were barely any messages on the board, and its much more boring than this version. Scroll to the very bottom of this to see the very few messages as of December of 1996. You cannot click to see the messages, only see the LIST of messages. sorry. the scripting software to make it work is really a security problem nowadays.

Here are the general information pages created for the 1996 website.

Barrier Reef
Birds of Ambergris Caye
Casado Internet Group, aka AIM
Diving & Snorkeling
The Great Blue Hole
Hol Chan Marine Reserve
Lodging page
Magic of Ambergris Caye
Photos of Ambergris Caye
Real Estate
Visitor's Center

Here are the original websites for the businesses on the site from 1996 thru 1998
The links for the 1996 customers stay inside the old site, the 1998 customers links just go to the current version of that page.

The Alijua Suites
Amigo Travel
Amigos Dive
The Barrier Reef Hotel
The Blue Hole Diving Center
Capricorn Resort
Caribbean Villas
Casa De Cafe
Casa Solana
Coconuts Caribbean Hotel
Coral Beach Hotel
Excalibur Tours
Holiday Hotel
Hotel del Rio
Hustler Tours
Iguana Jack's Ceramic Art
Island Air
Little Italy
Lyn's Massage
The Mayan Princess
Mata Rocks
The Palms
The Real Estate Center
Royal Piper, Norman Eiley
San Pedro Sun- THE Island Newspaper
Sixth Annual San Pedro Sun Poetry Contest
SeaBoots, Capt. Tom Thomas
Southwind Properties
Spindrift Resort Hotel

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