OK. Update on today. We took walks with the dogs and met with neighbours. It is very humid. The atmosphere is strange. Everyone is wired, exhausted and merry. We know it is hitting at night. When the first band came, you could feel the pressure in your head change. Very strange sensation. The muppets and Tacos came round for a dog walk. At that time the beach just started to disappear. The bugs were running like crazy away from the sea. Lots of bugs. It was quite astounding. Not just one species. I saw at least three species, none of which I can name. A neighbour has pulled his boat out and all of us reckon the boat will be gone by morning. There is nothing near by we can tie it too. What a shame. Everyone seems to be taking advantage of the lull. Lots of people walking dogs and observing the sea rolling in. The end of Victoria House dock is under water. Waves are rolling in under and over the piers. Beach is eroding. I took a cycle at sundown with the dog in the hope of emptying him one last time for the night. The crocs at the lagoon near the water plant were up at the edge. Two of them. There were people enjoying the lull or trying to make it somewhere. Some were surfing. When I say people, I mean the small number who are here still. Maya has just come in and says the water has risen to the level of the Squirrels Nest Bar at Mata Rocks, right up to under the ground floor suite. The waves are huge. Royal Palms dock has started losing boards now. No wind. Just surge and waves. The Discovery Hut at the Royal Palms dock has water in it. We reckon that will be gone by morning. Sea wall at Royal Palms is covered. The water is at the gate. We'll update you when we can. Signing off from the seafront in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, Central America.

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